Chicken Licken

An addictive gamified experience inspired by a TV commercial featuring an extra-terrestrial with an insatiable craving for Chicken Licken Hot Wings®.
Chicken Licken
Unity, Native App
Chicken Licken: Feed their Craving


Chicken Licken, in collaboration with our team of gamification experts, embarked on an innovative venture to create an engaging and addictive gamified experience inspired by a TV commercial featuring an extra-terrestrial with an insatiable craving for Chicken Licken Hot Wings®.

Our mission was to transform this concept into a native game tailored for both iOS and Android platforms, engaging users in feeding and bonding with their digital alien characters for a period of 60 days.


We crafted a Native game based on Tamagotchi logic, allowing players to customize their alien characters, play arcade-style mini-games, and convert in-store purchases into digital soul food for their aliens. The game was meticulously designed within Unity, ensuring consistency with the CGI alien from the TV commercial. Each interaction with the app, from feeding to witnessing the alien's cravings, was accompanied by unique animations, creating an immersive user experience.


Gamified Push Notifications:

Players received daily push notifications, prompting them to feed their alien within a limited timeframe. Ignoring the notifications intensified the craving, making regular interactions crucial.

Mini Games for Bonding:

Arcade-style mini games, resembling classics like Arkanoid and Space Invaders, helped players strengthen their bond with their aliens, reducing the frequency of feed requests.

Real-time Leaderboard:

A national, real-time leaderboard ranked players based on their ability to keep their aliens' cravings at bay, fostering competition and engagement.

Reward System:

Unique IDs allowed players to link physical purchases to the game, earning full bond status and reducing the alien's craving for a specified duration.

Original Sound Design:

Crafted original ambient music and sound effects for a unique auditory experience, enhancing immersion and player engagement.

Seamless User Experience:

Designed with UX in mind, the app utilized simple O-Auth for re-entry and enabled feed responses directly from push notifications, ensuring user convenience


"Feed Their Craving" exemplified the successful fusion of gamification, brand loyalty, and real-time rewards in a mobile app. By transforming a TV commercial concept into an interactive game, Chicken Licken created a unique and addictive experience that resonated with users. The campaign showcased the brand's creativity and ingenuity, illustrating the potential of gamified experiences in enhancing customer engagement and building lasting brand connections.

High Engagement:

The gamified experience led to consistent user engagement throughout the 60-day period, with players actively feeding and bonding with their alien characters.

Enhanced Brand Loyalty:

By associating in-store purchases with game rewards, Chicken Licken strengthened brand loyalty, encouraging repeat business.

Continued Gameplay:

Players had the opportunity to restart the game if they failed to feed their aliens in time, ensuring prolonged user interaction and continued gameplay.