Datsun Go

Turning a Rejected Car Gift into a National Challenge
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Datsun GO: Twitter Tug of War


Last year, South Africa was captivated by a viral sensation when a rejected Datsun GO car gift set Twitter ablaze, dividing the nation's opinion. Injozi Technology Studio stepped in to transform this into a groundbreaking online showdown.


Nissan dropped a Datsun GO in the heart of South Africa, thus initiating the "Twitter Tug of War," and it was up to the people to pull it to their province using tweets. The challenge involved contestants tweeting #GO with specific details about their city and suburb, symbolically pulling the car closer to their homes.

Injozi's technological prowess played a pivotal role in connecting these tweets to an interactive map on the Nissan website, creating an engaging challenge.


Datsun's Twitter Tug of War campaign exemplifies the power of social media in shaping public perception. By leveraging an engaging and interactive challenge, Datsun (with the help of INJOZI) successfully turned a negative incident into a positive and fun-filled experience.

The campaign not only highlighted the popularity of the Datsun GO but also demonstrated the brand's ability to connect with its audience on a personal level. Through innovative social media strategies, Datsun effectively showcased that public sentiment can be positively influenced, even in the face of challenges.

Massive Social Media Engagement:

The campaign generated significant traction on Twitter, with participants across South Africa actively tweeting and engaging in the challenge

Increased Positive Sentiment:

By turning a rejected car gift into a nationwide challenge, Datsun successfully shifted public sentiment. The Twitter Tug of War showcased the widespread appeal of the Datsun GO, emphasizing its popularity despite being an entry-level vehicle.

Prominent Online Visibility:

The campaign trended multiple times on Twitter, gaining attention and creating buzz around the Datsun GO brand.