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In the fast-paced world of digital communication, GotBot aims to revolutionize customer interactions for businesses.
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In the fast-paced world of digital communication, GotBot aimed to revolutionise customer interactions for businesses. Founded in 2016 by Nick Argyros, GotBot set out to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance customer experiences and automate business responses. The core objective was to bridge the gap between businesses and their customers, ensuring immediate, personalised, and efficient responses to customer inquiries through various messaging platforms.

" AI is not about replacing anyone – it is about augmenting their experience"

"So imagine, I took everything about a company's product services and pricing and fed it into a similar model, and I was able to get you to interact with that ChatGPT through a webchat," Argyros Says.

"The GotBot AI tool is like having a Siri, just for one company. ChatGPT doesn't do that because it doesn't have data of that specific company. That is where we come in," he continued.

AI is not about replacing anyone – it is about augmenting their experience, he reflected.

"Let us say you have this massive queue at a bank. The queue would get shorter if the agent had access to certain things much quicker if he had the knowledge base of the services most people in the queue required," he said.

AI supercharges businesses as well as employees to do things more effectively, the CEO continued.

"Our continent is run by small and medium enterprises, if we can give them a tool to access more customers through AI, are we not giving them the opportunities to expand their businesses?" he questioned.


GotBot introduced an innovative AI chatbot solution that streamlined communication channels. By integrating with platforms like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WeChat, Skype, SMS, and web chat conversations, GotBot enabled businesses to interact seamlessly with their customers. The platform automated repetitive tasks and provided instant responses, enhancing customer satisfaction and saving valuable time for businesses.


GotBot developed a sophisticated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, offering a comprehensive framework to build AI chatbots. This platform, agnostic to various messaging platforms, allowed businesses to automate customer interactions efficiently. GotBot focused on ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and conducted rigorous architecture reviews and penetration tests to maintain the highest security standards.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

Businesses using GotBot experienced a significant improvement in customer satisfaction due to instant, accurate, and personalised responses.

Market Expansion:

GotBot successfully expanded its services, collaborating with major players in various industries such as financial services, insurance, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like Toyota and Nissan.

Financial Growth:

After initial funding rounds, GotBot achieved financial stability and self-sufficiency, demonstrating the viability of its business model.

GotBot sets its sights on global expansion, targeting markets in United Kingdom and the USA. The company aims to leverage AI to dollarize sales, contributing to the local economy while providing businesses with invaluable tools to thrive in the digital age.